1. Fundsmith

    Beware of Fraudulent WhatsApp Groups

    Beware of fraudulent WhatsApp groups purporting to be from members of the Fundsmith team suggesting trading ideas, requesting money transfers or asking you to click a link to download a file.

    By Fundsmith
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  2. Kepler Trust Intelligence - Smithson

    Smithson Investment Trust (SSON) offers investors high-conviction exposure to a range of high-quality global equities at the small to mid-cap end of the market cap spectrum.

    By Kepler Intelligence Trust
    • Smithson
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  3. Dave Baxter

    Investors Chronicle Interviews: Simon Barnard of Smithson Investment Trust

    As Investment Manager at Smithson Investment Trust, a growth-focused fund run by the team behind Fundsmith Equity, Simon Barnard is a key player in companies that have “already won”. Dave Baxter and Barnard discuss various strategies that the trust has used since its inception, including bottom-up techniques and a three-step process of acquisition.

    By Dave Baxter, Investors Chronicle
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  4. Terry Smith

    Financial Times - Why I never invest in bank shares

    Having spent the first decade of my career working in a bank and then becoming a top-rated bank analyst, I find that people often express surprise that I never invest in bank shares. But I think it is precisely because I understand banks that I never invest in their shares. The recent events surrounding the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) and Credit Suisse reinforce this stance. Why?

    By Terry Smith, Financial Times
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  5. Jonathan Davies

    Money Makers Podcast - Smithson

    Jonathan Davis, editor of the Investment Trusts Handbook, is joined in this week’s edition of the Money Makers Weekly Investment Trust podcast by Simon Barnard, manager of the Smithson Investment Trust.

    By Jonathan Davies, Money Makers
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  6. Danielle Levy

    Daily Telegraph - ‘Inflation has wiped 30pc from my portfolio – but the worst may be over’

    After it raised record-breaking sums from investors when it floated in 2018, the Smithson Investment Trust has had a torrid 2022 so far. The £2.5bn fund, which invests in global small and medium-sized companies, has struggled over the past 12 months, with its assets falling in value by 19pc. This compares with a 20pc drop from rivals and a 7pc loss by its sister fund Fundsmith Equity, which is managed by renowned investor Terry Smith and focuses on much larger companies.

    By Danielle Levy, Daily Telegraph
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  7. Jonathan Davis

    Money Makers Podcast: Simon Barnard discusses Smithson

    Simon Barnard discusses Smithson and his view of recent financial market turbulence at length with Jonathan Davis, editor of the Investment Trusts Handbook and the Money Makers newsletter (

    By Jonathan Davis, Money Makers
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  8. Fundsmith

    Beware of Email Phishing

    Beware of emails purporting to be from Fundsmith which have fake reply addresses using the domains; FUNDSMITH-CO.UK and ONLINE-FUNDSMITH.CO.UK

    By Fundsmith
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  9. Danielle Levy

    Daily Telegraph - Questor: our investment trust tip of the year – ‘This is one you can buy and lock away’

    Questor investment trust bargain: Smithson, the Fundsmith for smaller stocks, proved itself during the pandemic last year The pandemic has provided Smithson, the global investment trust for smaller and medium-sized companies from the Fundsmith stable, with its first major test. And so far it has done exactly what it set out to do: it has delivered steady returns despite the sharp market sell-off in March.

    By Danielle Levy, Daily Telegraph
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  10. Fundsmith

    Fundsmith Appointment

    Fundsmith LLP, the fund management company founded by Terry Smith, announces the appointment of Paul Mainwaring as Chief Financial Officer.

    By Fundsmith, Fundsmith
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