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Net Asset Value(s)

22 October, 2018 12:00:29 | By Smithson

Holding(s) in Company

22 October, 2018 11:09:53 | By Smithson

Initial Net Asset Value

19 October, 2018 16:24:16 | By Smithson

First day of dealings

19 October, 2018 07:00:03 | By Smithson

Result of Initial Issue

17 October, 2018 07:01:04 | By Smithson

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Money Marketing - Inside Fundsmith’s new investment trust (video)

02 October, 2018 | By Money Marketing

Last month, star manager Terry Smith announced he was throwing £25m of his own money behind a new investment trust, Smithson. Ahead of its launch, Money Marketing editor Justin Cash sat down with Simon Barnard and Will Morgan, the fund’s managers, to talk strategy, as well as their thoughts on some of the hottest topics in investments.

Daily Mail - Star fund manager Terry Smith reveals new investment trust to find and profit from the world's best small and mid-sized companies

10 September, 2018 | By Alex Sebastian

City star Terry Smith has revealed plans for a new investment trust focused on global small and mid-sized companies. Smith's self-titled firm Fundsmith will roll out the Smithson Investment Trust with the aim of finding and investing in 25 to 40 of the world's best small and medium-sized companies.

Financial Times - Fundsmith challenges fund fee norms with new trust - Fund management company will absorb all launch costs for Smithson Investment Trust

04 September, 2018 | By Claer Barrett

Fundsmith, the fund management business set up by veteran City stockpicker Terry Smith, says it will absorb all of the launch costs of its new £250m investment trust in a move that will reignite the debate over investment fees charged to retail investors.

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Financial Times - Busting the myths of investment: who needs income?

03 October, 2018 | By Terry Smith

There seems to be something so alluring about dividend income that it often seems to lead investors to abandon common sense or be encouraged to do so by the investment industry. For example, how many times have you heard it said that the majority of returns from investment in equities comes from reinvestment of the dividends?

Financial Times - Busting the myths of investment

31 August, 2018 | By Terry Smith

Adding small-caps to a global equity portfolio adds value without heightening the risk. If you are an investor you may have encountered these two adages. First, that in order to earn a higher return you must take greater risk. Second, asset allocation is the most important contributor to performance.

Financial Times – ESG? SRI? Is your green portfolio really green?

18 January, 2018 | By Terry Smith

You decide to buy a car. You tell the dealer you want to be environmentally responsible and trust him to supply something appropriate. You had an electric car in mind but he supplies a hybrid. Not too bad, but when it arrives you find that the internal-combustion part of the power plant is a diesel supplied by a German maker caught lying about emissions.


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