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Smithson Inv.Trust - Issue of Equity

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Smithson Inv.Trust - Issue of Equity

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Smithson Inv.Trust - Block listing Interim Review

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What others are saying

Shares Magazine - Fundsmith success: Smithson doubles in value in three years

09 December, 2021 | By Tom Sieber

Investors who backed Fundsmith’s investment trust Smithson at launch October 2018 have now doubled their money. Their faith in the Fundsmith investment process has been vindicated...

The Times - Cycle turns again towards Smithson Trust

03 December, 2021 | By Emma Powell

Smithson was launched in 2018 by Fundsmith, the fund manager, to replicate the approach taken by its chief executive, the famed stockpicker Terry Smith, via his open-ended equity fund. The difference between Smithson and the Fundsmith trust is that it focuses on globally listed small and medium-sized companies, with a market cap of between £500 million and £15 billion at the time of initial investment.

Shares Magazine - Great time to buy Fundsmith sister fund Smithson

02 September, 2021 | By Steven Frazer

Fundsmith is one of the most popular asset managers on the market, and with good reason. Its mantra of investing in high quality companies at a decent price and not constantly trading in and out of stocks has produced good performance...Smithson follows the same investment ethos, albeit backing smaller companies.

The Sunday Times - Star investor Terry Smith develops a taste for Wingstop

15 August, 2021 | By David Brenchley

Smithson investment trust, which is managed by Simon Barnard and is part of Smith’s Fundsmith empire, has stakes in the US companies Wingstop and Rollins.

Daily Telegraph - Questor: our investment trust tip of the year – ‘This is one you can buy and lock away’

07 January, 2021 | By Danielle Levy

Questor investment trust bargain: Smithson, the Fundsmith for smaller stocks, proved itself during the pandemic last year.

Smithson PM Simon Barnard talks to Interactive Investor

29 September, 2020 | By Kyle Caldwell

Smithson PM Simon Barnard talks to Interactive Investor about how he finds quality businesses to invest in and recent portfolio activity.

Daily Mail - The Smithson Investment Trust: Terry Smith's listed fund focuses on small and mid-sized companies around the world including Fevertree

28 August, 2020 | By Daily Mail

The Smithson Investment Trust is the newest fund to be launched by Fundsmith, the firm founded by lauded stock picker Terry Smith.

Shares - Smithson smashes benchmark as NAV jumps 15%

29 July, 2020 | By Yoosof Farah

Shares reports on Smithson's half year results.

What Terry Smith IS SAYING

Financial Times - There are only two types of investors

02 July, 2020 | By Terry Smith

I last wrote about the problems of so-called market timing in these pages in 2013 (Market timing: don’t try this at home). With the Covid-19 pandemic dominating the news and recent volatility on world stock markets, you may have heard a lot about market timing again...

Financial Times - Never let a crisis go to waste

30 April, 2020 | By Terry Smith

We now have a fully-fledged economic crisis caused by the reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic. What should you do about it in terms of investment? I would strongly advise avoiding the approach of many investment advisers or analysts...

Money Observer - Fundsmith’s Terry Smith: forecasters are like Michael Fish

03 January, 2019 | By Terry Smith

Tumult, turbulence and turmoil are just the words beginning with the letter T used by commentators to describe the behaviour of stock markets in October. I think it’s always good to look at the definition of the words we are being asked to accept. For example: turmoil, noun: a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty . synonyms: confusion, upheaval(s), turbulence, tumult, disorder.

Financial Times - Busting the myths of investment: Do equities outperform bonds?

07 November, 2018 | By Terry Smith

As an equity fund manager, questioning the investment myth that equities outperform bonds is the equivalent of coprolalia, an occasional characteristic of Tourette’s syndrome in which the sufferer involuntarily utters socially inappropriate remarks.

Financial Times - Busting the myths of investment: who needs income?

03 October, 2018 | By Terry Smith

There seems to be something so alluring about dividend income that it often seems to lead investors to abandon common sense or be encouraged to do so by the investment industry. For example, how many times have you heard it said that the majority of returns from investment in equities comes from reinvestment of the dividends?

Financial Times - Busting the myths of investment

01 September, 2018 | By Terry Smith

Adding small-caps to a global equity portfolio adds value without heightening the risk. If you are an investor you may have encountered these two adages. First, that in order to earn a higher return you must take greater risk. Second, asset allocation is the most important contributor to performance.

Financial Times – ESG? SRI? Is your green portfolio really green?

18 January, 2018 | By Terry Smith

You decide to buy a car. You tell the dealer you want to be environmentally responsible and trust him to supply something appropriate. You had an electric car in mind but he supplies a hybrid. Not too bad, but when it arrives you find that the internal-combustion part of the power plant is a diesel supplied by a German maker caught lying about emissions.

Financial Times – AstraZeneca is beginning to look like Tesco

04 August, 2017 | By Terry Smith

It might be tempting to view last week’s fall in the AstraZeneca share price in isolation, related to the results of the “Mystic” lung cancer drug trial. However, I suspect that AstraZeneca’s problems go much deeper than a setback for a single drug.